We’re Here To Tell You Podcast

Comedy Duo Mel and Nic are Here To Tell You about their very opinionated likes and dislikes. From life experiences to pop culture and everything in between, Mel and Nic are giving listeners silly, tangent filled conversations between two best friends. 🎧 Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes

News Update

Things have been a little slow on the creative front. The pandemic has oddly increased our work and personal lives, so our free time has sadly not overlapped as much as it use to. On the upside, I’m looking to expanding the brand to include gaming and my writing. Hopefully I’ll have more updates soon.… Continue reading News Update

Nic’s Notes: Empire Records

Hey Everyone! As I was watching Empire Records, I was typing out my thoughts and I thought I’d share the notes from my very first impressions. Hope you enjoy! I was closing retail stores by myself when I was 16…What kind of dramatic lame ass think this is the epitome of responsibility? Obviously someone who… Continue reading Nic’s Notes: Empire Records