Heat Wave

Heat wave for the ages, 

She’s burning in so many ways. 

Watermelon drips onto her skin, 

She rubs her sticky thighs together.

Friends laugh around her, 

But her eyes are focused on him.  

Sweat beads as he grabs his drink, 

Nodding to isolation. 

She meets him in the shade, 

He meets her with ice between his teeth. 

They ignite in white, hot flames,

They are a heat wave for the ages.

© 2019


Dead (version 1)


That’s what you are now.

A terrible fact I can’t change.

You were so vibrant.

You made me feel more than what I am.

Now you’re a pile of ash,

In a tiny wooden box I can’t bear to look at.

I feel your loss constantly,

Like an itch I can’t scratch,

I lay awake in regret,

For being too selfish to see the signs.

© 2017



I’m choking on insecurities.

Seething with envy at the characters on t.v.

Flawless lives before a flawed mind.

Where do I go from here?

How do I make that happiness real?

Will the universe provide?

Is it on my side?

Will each decision be a benefit?

Will each step take me forward?

Doubt consumes me.

Anxiety crushes me.

“It gets better.”

For who?

© 2020