WIP – In Summary

I’ve been having a rough “few days”… But like I said in my last post, I still want to start opening up about my favorite Work in Progress. So here goes nothing…

It’s an Adult Fiction. Main characters range in late 20’s-early 30’s. The setting is a modern fictional world. I was thinking about creating fictional cities around Seoul, South Korea. This is all outside of my comfort zone. I’m use to writing in fully fictional worlds where the laws of logic don’t actually matter. But here’s a story where the environment, the technology, the food are actually going to play a huge role to help ground it in reality. Also, I tend to be a Tell, not Show person… So the sights, sounds, and smells of the environment aren’t something I always delve into. And as I write this, I’m thinking of the last scene I wrote that involves food and I never mentioned once about how anything smelled lol.

I know it sounds really crazy and I don’t need to focus on every little blade of grass, but if I don’t push myself, then I’m never going to improve.

Okay, so now that we have the setting out of the way, who are my characters? Eh, I’ll save that part for another post. 😋

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Dragon Age


Dragon Age prompt: Papa!Krem

Krem ran his fingers through his graying his. He could feel every strand on hands no longer calloused by the hilt of a war hammer. He picked the colorful wildflowers around him as he sat in the tall grass and watched the adolescent girl before him fumble them into a halo. It pained him to watch her grow, his secrets weighing him down with each passing year.

“Papa,” her green eyes met his. “There’s something I’ve wanted to ask you, but I’m worried you’ll be mad.”

With a worried smile, he replied “Aubrey, I doubt there’s anything you could do or say to make me mad.”

She took a deep breath. “Why would Milli’s mum call you a cross-dresser?”

Krem’s eyes widened, his face flushed. He wondered if she could hear his heart pounding. “Why would she tell you that?” 

Aubrey looked down and twisted her blonde curls in her fingers. “She didn’t. I overheard her and Milli’s dad. They don’t want Milli coming over anymore.”

Krem crossed his legs and hunched over, tearing at some blades of grass. “I guess you never really prepare for something like this.” He sighed. “Aubrey, I was born with womanly parts,” he struggled, “but I never felt womanly. Since I can remember, I always wanted to wear pants, play like the boys played and fight like the boys fought. When I was about your age, I cut off my hair and shortened my name. I live my life as a man. That’s how I feel inside and that’s who I am. Does that make sense?”

Aubrey tore petals from a flower, “Am I your child then?”

Krem bit the inside of his cheek. “When you were a baby, I found you crying in a burning house. I don’t know who your parents were or if the people outside stuck with arrows were even them, but I took you from that house.” He watched her pick at another flower. “I was advised to give you to The Chantry to be raised, but you cried so loud when the sister tried to hold you. I didn’t want to let you go.” Suddenly he felt deflated by her silence. “I’m sorry.”

Aubrey sprung toward Krem and wrapped her arms around him tightly. “I’m glad you found me, Papa.” Her voice was soft, but it echoed in his ears.

Krem squeezed her, holding back a joyous tear.

Aubrey pulled away and kissed him on the cheek. They sat a few minutes in easy silence as she finished her crown of wildflowers. “You know,” she said lightly placing it on her head, “Milli’s mum also said Goffrey’s mum doesn’t like men. Maaybee-”

Krem choked out a laugh. “Okay, okay, now this I’m definitely not ready for.”