Yeah, I’ve been feeling anti-social lately. I’ve been working with a lot of people at work every day recently and my mental batteries are drained.

I’ve also been doing a lot of multi-player gaming and being social online has drained me.

I started slowly working on my favorite writing WIP again and I’m 99% sure I’ll attempt to publish in some fashion. But I think about how drained I am now and see how sociable a lot of writers are on social media and the idea of marketing is also very draining.

I just constantly wonder how to build a fan base when you’re to emotionally exhausted to post, write, and interact.

I felt like I had more to say but I’m tired.

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“Good Enough” Chapter 1 Teaser

The beat of the music reverberated through Charlie’s chest. Her senses were confused in this atmosphere; between the alcohol, sweat, and various perfumes, she almost couldn’t breathe. It was dark, except for the colorful lasers and lights cutting through the crowd at random. The only solid light was a faint glow from the bar. 

Charlie followed Misha to the bar and watched her slip between a cluster of people waiting for their drinks. She looked around the busy club; tall round tables and stools separated the bar from the dance floor. When Charlie squinted, she could see only what she could assume is the VIP section: velvet ropes, large men in suits at the entrance, beautiful waitresses, and people dressed in outfits that cost more than her salary seated on plush-looking couches. What’s it like-.

Misha spun around and held a full shot glass in front of Charlie’s face. “Drink up!” To Misha’s surprise, Charlie grabbed the glass and downed the shot quickly.


Christmas comes early

One of my besties sent me a Christmas present that came early. I was so excited to get this. About a year and a half ago I started doing my own nails. I have a lot of colors and stamping plates and am constantly looking to grow my collection. I’ve seen the advent calendar pieces before, but never shelled out the money. But she sweetly bought this year’s for me as soon as it came back in stock. ❤❤❤

Now I need to decide if I’m going to advent it or tear it open now because I’m an impatient child!

I did just do my nails yesterday, so I’m in no real hurry. They really match these days because I get too excited and indecisive about all of the products I have (and it’s not even a lot, just a lot for me since I only do my own nails lol)