Dragon Age Fanfiction

During my Dragon Age: Inquisition days, I found many wonderful people on Tumblr who shared a similar passion for this game. This is also when I discovered that fanfiction doesn’t have to be overly cheesy or overly sexual or written poorly (although all of my work is). I began writing again for the first time in years and enjoying it. Some were pieces I just wanted to write, some were prompts from Tumblr users. I hope you enjoy!


Dragon Age prompt: Papa!Krem Krem ran his fingers through his graying his. He could feel every strand on hands no longer calloused by the hilt of a war hammer. He picked the colorful wildflowers around him as he sat in the tall grass and watched the adolescent girl before him fumble them into a halo.… Continue reading Papa!Krem


Wren sipped her tea. The soft breeze blew the garden flowers and caressed her cheeks. She basked in the autumn sun. Cullen watched her as he moved through the garden. It’s been too long since he’d seen her.He could swear her hair was longer. “How was the Western Approach?” He sat across from her at… Continue reading Honey