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Character Intros

Yes, “Good Enough” has more than 2 characters, but I am insanely lazy and have not completed any of the other profiles.

I love writing the main scenes/events between characters. The in between to move the story along, timeliness, character profiles not so much. But wanting to become more serious is making me realize just how important all of the little things are. How they not only create the character, but make them feel real. What do they like? What are their quirks? Why are they the way they are? How do they react to other personality types and situations?

I know I’ve talked about this before… I won’t give up. I’ll post another character soon.

3 thoughts on “Character Intros

  1. Yeah, I too am not the type to flesh out my characters before I go ahead and write the story. I feel like that’s essential to crafting a good story though, and I’ll just have to suck it up and do it. To character building!


    1. Character building is both fun and exhausting, but that’s kind of just writing in general lol.
      I keep forgetting things like eye color, ticks, and habits… either characters lack certain traits entirely or in ine chapter they have a certain trait and in another they do not lol. Must take better notes.


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