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“Good Enough” – Caleb Character Intro

Here’s my lazy attempt (I know, self-deprecation isn’t cool) at filling out a character profile for the love interest in my WIP.

(Fans of Midnight Poppyland will be happy to know that Tora was one of Caleb’s inspirations.)

Other inspirations include Can Yaman (Turkish model/actor), Brendan Lai (British-Chinese model)

Basic Statistics

Name: Caleb (last name being worked)

Age: 29

Nationality: Leaning towards Korean

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Poor

Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Wealthy

Hometown: Unknown Ghetto

Current Residence: Penthouse of The Victoria in fictional city

Occupation: Enforcer of the Kwan-Ryung crime organization. (Kwan means strong. Ryung means bright)

Income: Loads

Talents/Skills: Cooking. Shutting off his humanity and hurting people. Parkour. Hand-to-hand combat.

Birth order: Orphaned. No known family. 

Significant Others (describe relationship): None currently. 

Relationship skills: Barely. Does not get emotionally invested. Relationships are generally need based. Has had very few. Has a “women take away focus” philosophy. 

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 6’3″

Weight: Unsure, but more lean muscle than bulky

Race: Not mentioned specifically, so still debating.

Eye Color: Light brown, caramel almost

Hair Color: dark brown, almost black

Glasses or contact lenses? Contacts out. Wears glasses at home.

Skin color: Always looks sun-kissed

Shape of Face: Square. Sharp angles.

Distinguishing features: Eyes look unnatural

How does he/she dress? Wealthy trendy.

Mannerisms: stoic. Clenches jaw when stressed or angry. 

Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.) I cant remember if he smokes lol

Health: very good health. Livelihood depends on it.

Hobbies: Reading. Also, I like to think he secretly loves kdramas. 

Favorite Sayings: 

Speech patterns: 


Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Trendy

Greatest flaw: Over-protective. The whole organized crime thing.

Best quality: Loyalty.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Educational Background: Private school. Diploma. 

Intelligence Level: Very smart.

Any Mental Illnesses? Buried trauma. Rage issues.

Learning Experiences: A rough life.

Character’s short-term goals in life: Whatever his employer needs.

Character’s long-term goals in life: whatever his employer needs.

How does Character see himself/herself? An intimidating brute.

How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? An intimidating brute.

How self-confident is the character? Very. 

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Logic

What would most embarrass this character? To fail his employer

Emotional Characteristics


Introvert or Extrovert? Extroverted Introvert

How does the character deal with anger? Punches things. Works out. Pretty much all negative emotions 

With sadness? 

With conflict?

With change?

With loss?

What does the character want out of life? To not feel lonely. To not feel reliant on others.

What would the character like to change in his/her life? He sometimes wants to take the wealth he has and retire in another city. 

What motivates this character? His childhood. His employer. 

What frightens this character? His employer. 

What makes this character happy? 

Is the character judgmental of others? He can be. It’s part of his job

Is the character generous or stingy? Generous

Is the character generally polite or rude? Polite to some. Rude to enemies. 

How the Character is Involved in the Story: love interest. Job and acquaintances

Character’s role in the novel (main character? hero? heroine? Romantic interest? etc.): Romantic interest

Scene where character first appears: Night club

Relationships with other characters:

1. Character’s Name (Describe relationship with this character and changes to relationship over the course of the novel): Quinn. Employer’s son. Best friend. Went to school “together” (employer had him go to protect Quinn. But cared about Caleb’s grades). Roommates. Very open with each other. 

How character is different at the end of the novel from when the novel began: He’s softer. Finds actual meaning in himself and his own life outside of his violent upbringing.

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